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Choosing A New Vaping Pen

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Vapor pens look like a typical pen you’d find lying around your office. They’re great for vapors because they’re so lightweight and portable. This is because they simply contain a heating chamber, battery, and a mouthpiece. Some do have a specialized heating element for oils and concentrates.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a well seasoned vaping enthusiast, you’ll still want to find the best e-liquid vaping pen for use. In the past these pens were lightweight and came with high-ohm coil clearomizers and 650 to 1000 mAh batteries, making them easy to find. Today’s models are bigger and have more powerful batteries so they can support sub-ohm resistances.

Considerations When Choosing a Vape Pen

With such a vast selection of vape pens available now, you must really stop and think about what you want and need before buying one. Some things to think about here include:

Battery size and capacity: Do you need a portable unit? If so, you won’t want too big of a battery. Also, make sure you get an energy-efficient heating element with a lithium battery and a feature that automatically shuts the unit off. These last longer.
Temperature and voltage: Do you want to choose these settings yourself? If so, make sure you don’t buy a vape pen with a fixed range.
Tank size: How long do you want to go without refilling your vape pen? If you’re like most vapers, a 2 milliliters or 0.07-ounce tank is a good option. Bigger tanks are also available though.
Mouthpiece: Is a high quality of vapor important? If so, you’ll want to make sure the mouthpiece is made out of an inert material. Something like Delrin is better than rubber which tarnishes the quality.
Heating chamber or atomizer: Are you concerned with smoke and combustion? If so, you don’t want an exposed coil. Choose an embedded heating element that doesn’t come into contact with the heating core.

Categories of Vaping Pens

Knowing what features you want is important. However, you must also understand that there are different categories of vaping pens as well. This is another important deciding factor when it comes to choosing which vaping pen is right for you. These categories include:
Dry herb vaporizer pens transfer heat from their coil to the herbs in the herb chamber but they do produce a lot of heat in doing so
Vaporizer pens for wax and waxy oil allow you to use oils containing more THC per gram so a little goes a long way here
Oil and e-juice vaporizers, also known as e-cigarettes, handle e-juices and oils because they have either a polycarbonate or glass cartridge with a wick
Multipurpose vaporizers offer added convenience but don’t handle both concentrates and dry herbs

The Best Vaping Pens on the Market Today

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for in vaping pens, you may still find yourself wondering what the best vaping pens on the market today are. According to, there are three choices here. They include:
The Halo Triton Vape Pen has a classic style and is lightweight too. Using eGo-style batteries that range from 400 to 1300 mAh allows you to enjoy a longer lasting vaping session without worrying about recharging. When you buy this kit you’ll also get a USB charger, two batteries, two 2.4 ml Triton tanks, and a free 30 ml bottle of e-liquid. The batteries are your choice of 400 or 650 mAh.
The Aspire CF-VV+ is bigger than the average vaporizer because it has a great battery and it also lets you adjust the atomizer’s power delivery level from 3.3 – 4.8 volts. This unit also comes with a carbon fiber exterior and a flat fire button in the front. The 1,000 mAh capacity, which is an entire day of vaping right there, is another impressive feature here.
The Kanger Evod VV is a high-power option with a 1,000 mAh battery and variable voltage settings ranging from 3.2 – 4.8. You make adjustments in 0.4-volt increments, allowing for fine control.

With all of this information and great recommendations in mind, you’re ready to buy a new vape pen. Whether this is your first vape pen or a new, upgraded vape pen, you’re in for a world of pleasure. Hopefully, the decision is easier for you now that you’re a bit more knowledgeable about what’s available for you to buy out there.


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Selecting The Best Box Mods

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A box mod or vape mod gives you ultimate vaping experience. The device offers amazing power, extended battery life, and complete customizability. Many e-cig manufacturers have introduced latest and innovative devices in this range. You are sure to find the one that meets your vaping needs and preferences. These devices are preferred by advanced e-cig users due to various advantages. Take a look at the best box mods 2018 list. These devices allow you ultimate customization in setting temperature, wattage, and voltage.

Once you have gotten used to vaping the basic ecigs, you will want to move up to a more powerful device that lets you customize the device’s features and functions. Most of the basic ecig devices do not offer more than 10-12 watts of power. A box mod is a powerful device that gives you more vapor and better throat hit. Go for the box mods when you want excellent vapor production, maximum customization and lots of power. A wide range of vape mods is available in the market to suit different vaping needs.

Some devices give you a higher level of power but the battery may discharge quickly as well. Some devices are powerful but quite large and bulky. You will need a vape mod that has a long lasting battery. It should be compact in size, strong in construction and reliable in performance. More importantly, it must give you complete control over its temperature and power manipulation. Complete temperature control is the main reason vapers move to box mods so pay attention to the temperature control mechanism when buying such a device.

You will want a vape mod that looks elegant as well. This device is available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Buy a vape mod that lets you use supplies from other brands. The wattage, temperature, and voltage should be adjustable so you enjoy the perfect vaping experience. There are some best box mods that meet the highest standards set in the ecig industry. The high-quality vape mods are powerful devices. As soon as you hold such a device, you will see why it is preferred by advanced vapers. The device packs a lot of features and functions even in a compact size structure. The advanced device has cutting-edge technology to improve the user experience. Most of the functions are automatically controlled. It even remembers many settings. The device’s firmware can be upgraded online.

You will enjoy lots of vapor even from such a compact and tiny device. In the temperature control mode, metal coils of titanium, nickel and stainless steel can be used. The extended battery life lets you enjoy long vaping sessions. Some devices have a smart system that can remember settings of more than 10 different tanks. The sub-ohm coil lets you enjoy every drop of e-juice. You will find both simple and complex design box mods. Simple box mod is without any frill but still gives you complete customization option.

Some vape mods have a very powerful battery. At the same time, it is up to you how much power you want to use at a time. The smart system of the vape mod adjusts the setting automatically according to the tank you connect to it. It is designed to avoid the user making any mistake in customizing the device. Box mods are available as starter kits as well as standalone units. The starter kit is a good solution if you need all basic items and accessories that are needed to start using such a device. All these products are sold separately as well. You can easily order tanks, e-juices, coils and other accessories as and when you need them.

Some electronic cigarette manufacturers have gone to a very high level. They have introduced very powerful box mods with advanced features and functions. Such devices have batteries that allow the extreme level of power. The smart system gives you ultimate control over power and temperature mechanisms. There are overheating and short circuit protection features. The power is shut off automatically when the sensor detects lower resistance. It helps protect the battery as well as other sensitive electronic parts of the device.

Box mods cost more than basic e-cig devices. These mods are suitable only for advanced vapers. Buy a box mod starter kit if you are a beginner or intermediate e-cig user. While a box mod provides the ultimate vaping experience, it is important to be careful when using such a powerful device. A mod system going above 100 watt crosses the safety line and should be used carefully only by advanced users who understand the risks.


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Better Health With Supplements

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The highest quality life starts with good health. When you are not coping with frequent illnesses, have a calm state of mind, and have natural energy, you are happier and more productive. While you may know how a nutritious diet is connected to good health, you should not dismiss the importance of supplements.

What Are Supplements?

There is virtually no limit to the wide range of supplements you can find. They are available online and in many retail stores. However, they are not all the same. There are significant differences in supplements.

One type you may be familiar with is the multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. A second example is an individual supplement. The purpose of these supplements is to provide your body with nutrients that may be missing in your diet. Even the most balanced diet cannot contain every nutrient.

If you use these products, choose supplements that do not contain binders, fillers, or other artificial ingredients. In addition individual, whole-food supplements are absorbed faster in your body than multi-vitamins.

Why You Should Consider BCAA Supplements

You need Branched-Chain Amino Acids to repair and develop muscles, promote healthy brain function, and repair tissue. These building blocks of protein benefit your entire body.

A protein-rich diet is a good start. When you have a serving of protein at every meal, you are taking an important step toward better health. You can obtain Branched-Chain Amino Acids from red meat, fish, poultry, eggs, pork, yogurt, milk, seeds, nuts, legumes, and quinoa.

BCCA supplements can boost your protein intake. You can take capsules, or you can use supplement powders to make a drink. The powders are available in both flavored and unflavored varieties.

Protein supplements are not only for athletes. A protein drink is excellent before or after a workout, but it is equally appropriate for individuals who do not work out. Men and women of all ages can be healthier by using protein supplements on a regular basis. You can find many popular supplements at

Why You Should Consider CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular. This does not mean it is a fad. The reason for its popularity is that it works.

Some people use CBD oil as an all-natural alternative to their medical conditions. It is especially useful for pain relief. CBD can also help individuals with numerous other health and medical problems, ranging from ADHD to multiple sclerosis.

The natural aspect of CBD is a common reason for choosing CBD oil. Unlike prescription medications, it does not cause side effects and does not create dependency. These points make CBD the healthiest option. It is also less expensive than the ongoing use of prescription medications.

CBD oil is not only for people with medical conditions. It can help you improve, maintain, and preserve your health. You can have natural energy without using stimulants, and a calm mental state. You can feel good without resorting to pharmaceutical products.

As CBD can be found in a number of forms, there are reasons many people prefer CBD oil. Everyone prefers products that offer options. You can apply CBD oil directly to your skin, place the drops underneath your tongue, or vape the oil in your favorite vaping device. When you have these options, it is easy to use CBD oil whenever you need it. Whether you want pain relief, relief from other symptoms, or to simply feel better, you will always have quick access to your CBD oil.

More Options Leads To Better Health

More people today are concerned about their health. One concern includes the products they use every day. If you are worried that your diet does not provide adequate nutrition, or do not want to put unnecessary drugs into your body, you will be happy to hear of these natural alternatives.

Vibrant health, strength, and energy can all be yours. You can avoid the health risks associated with red meat and the health risks associated with medications. Depending on your particular situation, the best BCAA supplements and Herbal Renewals CBD oil may be all you need for good health today and in the future. When it comes to your health, natural is always the best approach.


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Fun and Games at Space Budgie!

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Hi readers! Are you ready for a light-hearted website with us here at Space Budgie? I sure hope so! I say that this is going to be “fun and games,” but it’s actually a bit more than that. I definitely do want to keep our mood happy here though.


I’ll do my best to post enjoyable pieces that are easy to read, and if I have tips and educational types of info to pass along, I’ll also try to keep it all very user friendly. Thank you so much for visiting!