Space Budgie
Based in Dundee, Scotland

Founding date:
March, 2013


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Space Budgie is an independent games studio. With a focus on games that do more than solely entertain, our titles teach concepts and educate, tackling unexplored and difficult topics through the medium of games.


Starting Out

Space Budgie started out as 6 University graduates in the spring of 2013. Our aim was to develop titles that do more than solely entertain, by tackling unexplored and difficult topics through play.

Early Days

Whilst figuring out what our flagship game should be, we took 9.03m, a final year student project by former co-founder Karl Inglott, as our first title and spent the summer of 2013 polishing the game up for a full release. Designed to raise awareness of the 2011 Japanese tsunami, 9.03m went on to raise over £10,000 for charity.


Glitchspace was also at an initial prototype stage at this point. 2014 seen the game showcased at GDC’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop, acting as its “official,” debut to the industry. Afterwards, the game was then released on Steam Early Access.


After 3 years of development, 2016 seen the finished release of Glitchspace.



9.03m YouTube

Glitchspace YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner: Game On 2.0 Best Educational Game - Glitchspace" - 2015
  • "Game City: Official Selectee - Glitchspace" - 2014
  • "National Museum of Scotland - Game Master's Exhibit Official Selectee: Glitchspace" - 2014
  • "GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop Selectee: Glitchspace" - 2014
  • "The List Hot 100 - Scotland's Top Cultural Contributors" - 2014
  • "BAFTA New Talent Award Nomination for Best Game: 9.03m" - 2014
  • "TIGA Nomination for Game With a Purpose: 9.03m" - 2014
  • "TIGA Nomination for Best Student Game: 9.03m" - 2014
  • "Develop 100 Most Exciting European Start-Ups" - 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Unique, Bewildering & Promising."
    - Glitchspace, Eurogamer
  • "Like Force Powers Meets Portal, Then, Only With Programming."
    - Glitchspace, Kotaku
  • " As someone with the programming knowledge of a log this is immediately challenging stuff, even if at first you can only make very minor changes. But then, it’s all the more satisfying to make a platform bouncy when it wasn’t before."
    - Glitchspace, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Glitchspace could become one of the more inventive puzzle games to arrive on the PC in some time."
    - Glitchspace, Gamespot
  • "It’s moving, it’s gorgeous, and if you don’t have the feels yet, you’ll get them. I won’t say any more, but 9.03m‘s ending will stick with you for a long time."
    - 9.03m, Jetpack Joust
  • "A Truly Beautful Game"
    - 9.03m, Markiplier

Space Budgie Ltd
Check out more of our work at the following link: www.spacebudgie.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Robin Griffiths
Director, Artist & Animator

Mus Cetiner
Artist & Designer

Ronan Quigley
Developer, Audio & PR

Kayleigh Macleod

Graham Hill

Gaz Robinson

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