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Selecting The Best Box Mods

Posted on November 22, 2017  in Uncategorized

A box mod or vape mod gives you ultimate vaping experience. The device offers amazing power, extended battery life, and complete customizability. Many e-cig manufacturers have introduced latest and innovative devices in this range. You are sure to find the one that meets your vaping needs and preferences. These devices are preferred by advanced e-cig users due to various advantages. Take a look at the best box mods 2018 list. These devices allow you ultimate customization in setting temperature, wattage, and voltage.

Once you have gotten used to vaping the basic ecigs, you will want to move up to a more powerful device that lets you customize the device’s features and functions. Most of the basic ecig devices do not offer more than 10-12 watts of power. A box mod is a powerful device that gives you more vapor and better throat hit. Go for the box mods when you want excellent vapor production, maximum customization and lots of power. A wide range of vape mods is available in the market to suit different vaping needs.

Some devices give you a higher level of power but the battery may discharge quickly as well. Some devices are powerful but quite large and bulky. You will need a vape mod that has a long lasting battery. It should be compact in size, strong in construction and reliable in performance. More importantly, it must give you complete control over its temperature and power manipulation. Complete temperature control is the main reason vapers move to box mods so pay attention to the temperature control mechanism when buying such a device.

You will want a vape mod that looks elegant as well. This device is available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Buy a vape mod that lets you use supplies from other brands. The wattage, temperature, and voltage should be adjustable so you enjoy the perfect vaping experience. There are some best box mods that meet the highest standards set in the ecig industry. The high-quality vape mods are powerful devices. As soon as you hold such a device, you will see why it is preferred by advanced vapers. The device packs a lot of features and functions even in a compact size structure. The advanced device has cutting-edge technology to improve the user experience. Most of the functions are automatically controlled. It even remembers many settings. The device’s firmware can be upgraded online.

You will enjoy lots of vapor even from such a compact and tiny device. In the temperature control mode, metal coils of titanium, nickel and stainless steel can be used. The extended battery life lets you enjoy long vaping sessions. Some devices have a smart system that can remember settings of more than 10 different tanks. The sub-ohm coil lets you enjoy every drop of e-juice. You will find both simple and complex design box mods. Simple box mod is without any frill but still gives you complete customization option.

Some vape mods have a very powerful battery. At the same time, it is up to you how much power you want to use at a time. The smart system of the vape mod adjusts the setting automatically according to the tank you connect to it. It is designed to avoid the user making any mistake in customizing the device. Box mods are available as starter kits as well as standalone units. The starter kit is a good solution if you need all basic items and accessories that are needed to start using such a device. All these products are sold separately as well. You can easily order tanks, e-juices, coils and other accessories as and when you need them.

Some electronic cigarette manufacturers have gone to a very high level. They have introduced very powerful box mods with advanced features and functions. Such devices have batteries that allow the extreme level of power. The smart system gives you ultimate control over power and temperature mechanisms. There are overheating and short circuit protection features. The power is shut off automatically when the sensor detects lower resistance. It helps protect the battery as well as other sensitive electronic parts of the device.

Box mods cost more than basic e-cig devices. These mods are suitable only for advanced vapers. Buy a box mod starter kit if you are a beginner or intermediate e-cig user. While a box mod provides the ultimate vaping experience, it is important to be careful when using such a powerful device. A mod system going above 100 watt crosses the safety line and should be used carefully only by advanced users who understand the risks.

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